Shavali Fabric Exhibitor Success Story

Shavali Fabric showed for the first time in Seattle at the fall 2011 Northwest Fabric and Notions Show.  In talking with Shervin Shavalian, owner of Shavali Fabrics, after the show he stated he came to the show with very low expectations.  Shervin went on to say that he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of orders he wrote at the show, and that it turned out to be a very worthwhile investment for Shavali Fabric.

From all of us here at the Seattle International Textile Expo we would like to thank you for making Shavali Fabric’s experience a positive one.  Since the fall show we’ve gotten several inquiries about products Shavali carries which we’ve happily forwarded on to Shervin and his team.  We look forward to seeing you all at the spring show in March at the Seattle Red Lion on Fifth Avenue.


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